Wednesday, October 1, 2008

BBQ and such

...go fetch

And of course, when I go home there are just certain foods I must eat. BBQ in NY just isn't the same. I have been to Justin Timberlake's restaurant, Southern Hospitality, but something about Eastern and Western sauce just makes more sense when it's from a southern spoon. My mom and I debated about the price difference of a pulled pork sandwich while we ordered dinner at Rock Store BBQ, which is just a couple of miles from my parents' house. No, a bbq sandwich does not cost $30 in New York City. It certainly doesn't cost $5.50 though. *sigh*

Erika's c-section went really well. She is a natural mother... Jamison slept and ate, slept and ate. We did what families do and cooked and ate, cooked and ate. My mom and I made Minestrone soup from a recipe she has had for ages and paired it with a greasy, drippy grilled cheese sandwich. When Erika got full, I ended up eating most of her sandwich too. Is that bad?

I couldn't resist. This is Erika and Mike's dog, Riley--who is occasionally insane. This picture turned out so well because he was looking at the tennis ball in my hand.

I'm back at work. Back in Hoboken. Jamison is probably at home right now growing. Miss miss the fam. Babies, babies make everyone so happy. I'm going home tonight to make an official vice presidential debate dinner of white chicken chili. How very fall of me. Below is the recipe we made. It's really simple, very good for you, and it feeds several for many days.

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