Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rambling: Baby, baby

Two very important things happened on my trip to home to North Carolina this past weekend. #1, I met my new and perfect nephew, Jamison. #2, I sat down long enough for my mom to finally teach me how to knit. This is the problem living far from home--my mom and I have been meaning to do this for awhile. I ended up leaving the bit that I had started knitting in my dad's truck when he dropped me off at the airport (bright and early) yesterday morning, since security would probably classify circular needles as a weapon. Bummer. Don't worry though, I'm committed. If you love the look of all things "crafty" check out

So, Jamison. Since he is such a big baby, he can already hold a bottle on his own, and he can already pick his head up. I know, I sound like an aunt already. I was so sad to leave, because when I go home at Christmas he's going to be so much bigger. A friend of my mom's from her knit group the "Knockout Knitters" made this cake. Adorable.

My mom made this--isn't it the sweetest?

And my sister made this for Jamison's crib.


Sarah said...

Lovely handmade items for that big-little guy. What did he weigh in at?

Natalie Lin said...

soooo adorable!