Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rambling: Tri This

...Sort of random in plot and structure

The candy jar at work MUST be removed from Ashley's desk. Seriously. I can only have self-control for just so long. It seems that without fail, every morning around 10 I find myself rummaging in the glass jar full of mini candy bars. Rolos are not a nutritious snack. Right?

Fall is coming, which means only a few more days left of the summer sun. I spent this past weekend enjoying the weather and spending (much needed) time in the city. David and I went to see Burn After Reading on Friday night, which ended up being sold out at the theater at Union Square. We hopped in a cab to see if we could make a show in Chelsea, and somehow there was a 10:15 pm showing. We arrived at 10:13--even making the previews. When does that happen? Brad Pitt doing comedy is pretty ridiculous. Brad Pitt, I'll love you forever. Remember when he played Tristan in Legends of the Fall? Geez.

ANYway. Brunch and such on Saturday, and then the usual suspects went to celebrate my roommate Kara's birthday at the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden in Queens. I mentioned this amazing place in an earlier post. I was really just looking forward to everyone hanging out. I feel like we spent most of the day watching crazy little children dance on the stage. I feel like this summer just flew's the 9-5. It does that. Oh joy.

So, no baby yet. Not mine--Erika's, my sister. Technically, her due date was yesterday. However, the doctor told her like the last week of August that the baby was going to come like September 2. No clue about what his name is going to be. The only hint she has given me is that she has only heard it once and it was used as a middle name. mmm. Thoughts? David and I were each sending her a name guess every day for at least the first four or so months she was pregnant. We gave up at some point. I wonder if we ever guessed it? We will find out Tuesday!

This is a picture of dinner at the Beer Garden. Doesn't it look...a bit? I know.

The birthday girl. I love this picture because she was so happy. Well, we were at a beer garden after all.

View from the top.

Stephanie took this shot of the Triborough Bridge as we were waiting for the N train.

Just thought I would say hello. Nothing too foodie, but the holidays are coming. Lord. I love the holidays. Get excited about baking. I am hoping for a fall apple-picking day Upstate.


Sarah said...

I am reading this at work- I now want mini candy bars, french fries, beer and apple pie.... and all I have for lunch are noodles- again.

Pauline said...

Haha!! Even though you didn't have anything about recipes/food you still made me hungry just by posting that picture of the fries...yum! Fries are the love of my's definitely a love/hate relationship.