Saturday, September 20, 2008

Rambling: Espresso Yourself versus man

It's Saturday, and I think I threw my back out. No, really.  

David and I played tennis this morning, and practically five minutes into the game I was taking all my pent up aggression out on the poor little Penn Championship ball.  After I winced my way through an hour more of tennis, we went to Luca Brasi's (obviously, by the name its an Italian Deli) and grabbed a sandwich--this place will get a posting soon. Lord, the Fogetta Bout It is the best sandwich I have ever had in my life. Seriously.

 ANYway. There is a new coffee shop in Hoboken that seems to be paving the way for delicious independent coffee shops everywhere--well, at least in Hoboken. Dames Espresso Bar opened back in July, on 1st street between Grand and Willow. The first few weeks I walked by there was a small girl with short, dark hair just standing behind the counter. When I would walk home from work, there she would be standing in the same spot in the empty store. When I finally went in one day, I was so pleasantly surprised. The girl behind the counter seemed pleased, too. The store is super small with black and white accents, and they make all of their drinks with a sassy blue espresso machine. She made a four leaf clover with the milk, and handed me the BEST latte I have ever had in my life. It's expensive, for sure. My large latte (that is the size of a Starbucks grande) cost $4.79 today....but still, it's a treat. Given the situation with my back, I thought I deserved an expensive, delicious latte. I rationalize. 

Now, I am sitting in David's classroom in Newark propped up on a pillow on one of the couches watching Kara, the Spanish teacher play Guitar Hero. David and Cheney are not getting any work done right now, mainly because they want to see if Kara can make it through "School's Out for Summer." We are arguing about how they should define "conflict" for 7th graders. 

Looks like we are going on a hunt for the best burger in NYC tonight. Oh wait. David just started "Hit Me with Your Best Shot." We might be here for awhile. Lord.

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sb said...

shake shack burger! that's my fave...when does shake shack get a blog entry? :)