Sunday, June 21, 2009

October in June, mostly an update

It feels like October in New York right now. blegh. It has rained for countless days, and I would like to shed my pashminas and cardigans for Coronas at Coney Island and drippy ice cream cones. Thank you very much.

Possible part-time job may be another freelance job, but I need to put a proposal together before it's a go. Lots of details to be ironed out, but if that doesn't pan out...I may be behind a coffee counter again. woo.

Just signed up for Tuesdays with Dorie, (I think? but I think it will take a bit to get added to the blog roll), so I will be baking recipes from her book as well starting next week.

Finally joined a book club, and we had our first meeting at Elsa's last Friday after reading Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri.  Highly recommend this book; I couldn't put it down. I'm just about to finish Empire Falls by Richard Russo, and I recently read his latest, Bridge of Sighs. Love his style so -- his books are like wrapping your hands around a warm cup of coffee. 

June has been a bit of a blur so far. David and I were in New Orleans the 4th - 7th for Johanna's wedding, which ended up being a fantastic weekend. My parents were there as well, since the Hills are our oldest family friends. We met when my family and I lived in Baton Rouge when I was little, and we continued to stay close friends even after my family and I moved to Chicago, then to Charlotte. Johanna, Miss Karen and my mother and I would meet in Florida when we were visiting our grandmothers a couple of times and year, and when Johanna graduated from college she came to visit me in England (where I was studying abroad at the time). At that point, we hadn't since each other since we were 16, but we didn't miss a beat.

I feel truly lucky that she and I are still close friends, and it's crazy to think I was just a bridesmaid in her wedding. I feel like we were just six, with messy ponytails and smocked dresses.

Here is a recipe from the bridal brunch, which was held at Brennan's. mmm. I love New Orleans.

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Jill N said...

I LOVE that book also. If you enjoyed it, you'll probably also like "Interpreter of Maladies." It's her first book and pretty incredible as well:)