Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rambling: Freshness and Safeness

I gave a homeless man an Altoids container filled with change on the train this morning. I sat down one seat away from him, and he asked me if my coffee was delicious and if my neighborhood was safe. I told him “yes.” I often pay for things small like coffee and drinks with change and I keep it in this Altoids container—this comes from waiting tables and trying to avoid loose change in my apron. Really though, after I answered him I realized, what more could I ask for on a rainy Wednesday? My neighborhood is safe and my coffee was good.

I don’t even know if he realized there was change in the container, because as I was getting off the R train, he yelled at me “Are these supposed to make your breath fresh?” Oh well. I hope he buys himself his own delicious cup of coffee.

David and I are in the new apartment. My camera cord is buried in the boxes somewhere, so more on those pics later. We still have some random things at the Hoboken apartment, and although it has been listed on Craigslist for nearly a month, we have no takers for our enormous couch. Salvation Army may be coming to visit us soon. Free pick-up is amazing.

Oh. Life List just got a little more exciting. I drove in Manhattan by myself yesterday. Maybe it’s not that big of a deal for some people…but I felt like a superhero. I think I can do pretty much anything now.

Champagne recipe in celebration of the move and being 27. Ta-da.