Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Moving on Up, on a Slope

Guess what? Big news.

Finally found an apartment. Moving to Brooklyn. Park Slope to be exact.

And, suddenly things seem…new. And Fantastic. (Yes, with a capital F.)

After looking at countless apartments, we finally found the apartment that fit us. It’s small. I can’t seem to imagine life without IKEA, TheNest, or Apartment Therapy. Mm. Upwards organization. Organize “up.” My friend Whitney came in town this weekend and we joked that David and I will have to tack our Christmas tree to the wall.

I am buried up to my nose in boxes and drooling over the prospect of warm weather. More than anything, I'm hoping to shake this cold by my 27th birthday. Yes, 27. It's going to be a good year. Birthdays on Easter Sunday must be good luck. How can I not shake this cold? The goat doctor (long story) gave me allergy medicine (along with an antibiotic) where the label reads, "Call doctor if you experience mood changes, sadness, depression, or fear." FEAR? yikes. Sounds ambiguous.

Pictures of the process to come. Until then, everyone knows that moving is [fill in expletive here].

Considering my cold, I felt like I needed to cook something that would make me feel like I was at home on my parents' couch. This isn't my mom's chicken soup, but it hit the spot...and certainly made me feel better. Plus, who wouldn't want Dr. Tyler coming to their rescue?


Catalina said...

congrats on the move!!!!

Sarah said...

I made chicken soup with garlic tonight to make you feel better....can you smell it?? Yummmmm.