Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rambling: Snow what?

With articles like this, this, and this...it's hard not to speculate about the future of print. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

In the food world, welcome to reacquainting yourself with Denny's. Apparently, people love some Denny's. Free...? Reminds me of Starbucks and their November 4th deal. Free. I need something like...free cable. ooo. Wait. Free airfare. No. Even better, how about we go back to checking bags for free? Over Christmas, after my flight from Newark to Charlotte was delayed four hours, I wondered...would they give me a little refund? Like, every hour you wait, or every time your flight is canceled, get $10 credited back to your account!!!

I know. Wishful thinking. It ended up being okay. Christy Turlington and Ed Burns were sitting in front of me at the gate. Well worth it.

David and I are taking off to Japan on February 14 for coincidentally, a 14-hour flight to Japan. Woo woo. I'm excited about in-flight movies. I have been instructed by an extremely reliable source that while in Tokyo, we must go to Star Bar in Ginza, "it's clubby and atmospheric with a dizzying array of scotch and excellent classic cocktails," he added. The source's favorite bartender Hidetsugo Ueno just opened up a new place Bar High Five, which for the name alone should be awesome.

Right now? I'm lifting myself out of my January coma, thanks to Guitar Hero World Tour, a sale at Levi's, and the possibility that a Coffee Club will be born. And of course, the trip to Japan.

We are going snowboarding on the trip.

I may come back with a broken bone. Ooo. Maybe I won't come back at all.

Juuuuuust kidding, mom.

Here is meal that will last you a few days. With the Gruyere, it's not the most inexpensive (or low fat) frittata, but it's great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and it's great comfort food. Boil too many potatoes if you decide to make hashbrowns, and use the leftover in the frittata. I didn't come up with that....Ina did, but still--it's a great idea.

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Sarah said...

Delicious looking fritatta!! Can hardly wait for the next eight days to go by! Reliable source noted- plan engaged... check out this site for airtravel assist: http://www.onebag.com/