Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rambling: Japan and I Part II

First things first. We are in the middle of a Twitter explosion. Holy Lord.

Second. Taking pictures at restaurants is beginning to be a somewhat covert operation.

Third. Last week seemed to barely be a blip on the life radar, as I seemed that due to jet lag (my old friend) to be very awake and very asleep every day, and the whole week was a blur.

One thing I would like to point out. Vacation certainly offers perspective. Clarity. d.) All of the above. Away from things, one always seems to be a little less jaded, and do and think a little less of everything unimportant, and a little more of everything important.

Below is a picture of downtown Sapporo from the top of the TV tower. It's a pretty bad picture, but it was snowing...

Friday night we went to the most amazing traditional Japanese restaurant. I felt a little ridiculous when I took off my shoes and had to walk around in my gross wool socks, but sitting on the floor while eating could definitely grow on me. This is what the server brought to our table before she put it (very strategically) into a pot filled with broth:

This is the pot (and Sarah's arm)

We barely made it back last Sunday due to another snowstorm in Sapporo, but somehow we managed to make our connecting flight at Narita.

After an excess of Bailey's, red wine, lattes, sushi, rice balls, ramen, coffee in a can, and golden retrievers (is there such a thing?), I'm looking forward to seeing the Branson's again this summer:). Thanks for an amazing week across the world.

The pictures below are actually from last spring when David and I went to Ellenville...I was inspired to post a sushi recipe in honor of Japanese cuisine. It's fairly easy to make; there is something very special about taking the time to making sushi on your own at home.

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Sarah said...

Japan is currently missing a blonde- searches are being done; word is she was last seen being hustled onto a flight in Sapporo trying to take pictures of the crabs at Chitose airport....