Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rambling: Oysters, Oscars, and O'douls

Welcome to 2009. Insert cheering [here]. I feel like I should reflect on 2008, or ponder about the possible events to come in 2009. I suppose this could be arranged.

I have been on a hiatus of sorts--of the lazy kind. January has somehow blanketed me with fresh, new television to which I never knew I was so attached. Suddenly, American Idol is asking me for four hours of my time a week. Nip/Tuck is giving me nightmares about face lifts, and Grey's Anatomy is just so...dramatic. Isn't Meredith annoying? But, it seems every time it snows, I cheer, because this means I get to watch one more episode of The Wire. Life before Netflix? phffft. Now, there are the Oscars. I have only seen one of the movies that is nominated, so I have some catching up to do before February 22.

And there you have it--so far, 2009 has created a hibernating monster. Well, that, or the fact that it was a balmy 9 degrees on Friday.

I mentioned before the holidays that I was taking a two-week vacation, and it (the vacation) went off without a hitch. Food was eaten, wine was consumed, and Mustache Turtleneck was....a show. No doubt, there will be an 8th annual M &T where more details will be divulged. Until then, I have our upcoming trip to Japan to think about, whether or not we are getting a dog, if we are moving to Brooklyn, and what Michelle Obama is wearing. It's all very...[something]

Dry-uary lasted 17 days this year. Much needed detox time, but I’m telling you, it’s the social drink or two that makes this commitment nearly unbearable. We cracked during Justin’s birthday party at Motor City on Saturday night, then we had champagne while watching the inauguration on Tuesday. We are weak. I know.

So. Food in 2009. The articles on diet food, books, programs, are endless. It's a new year. Start fresh. Make goals. Save money. Eat sticky buns. Yes, eat sticky buns. These aren't low-calorie, and they aren't low-sugar. I promise, they will make you smile. They take all day to make, but they are absolutely perfect the next morning. Some scrambled eggs, coffee, and a warm (thank you microwave) sticky bun. It's the simple things.

No really though, welcome to 2009 people.