Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rambling: Home is Where the Cheese is

...until it bubbles on top just a little bit

Who doesn't love October? Scary movies, Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced lattes, Halloween (where would Jamie Lee Curtis be without this holiday?), and the removal of air conditioning units from NJ/NY windows all signify the coming of this colorful and magical season.

David and I have been living together for about two months now. A year ago, I wouldn't have guessed that I would not only be living with a boy (man? I'm not a teenager anymore. It's man), but in a commune. Okay. I'm not Ruth Reichl in the 80's (crap); I'm not really living in a commune, but there are two other girls living with us. mm. I believe I mentioned this in an earlier blog. ANYway. Both roommates have announced they are moving out. So...we are deciding what to do. Do we want to stay in our nice big apartment and live with Craiglisters? We don't really know anyone who is looking to move/move to NJ/ move in with a couple. Do we move to the city? No. That's out. David has to commute to teach in Newark now, and with a car...nope. Plus, the down payment just to rent an apartment in the city would severely cut into our take-in, travel, breathe money. Brooklyn? YES. I would love to move back to Brooklyn, but the commute would be too hard right now. The Holland Tunnel everyday? Maybe we could swing it after he has another school year at Rise under his belt? Move into our own place in Hoboken? Seems like that would make the most sense, but we don't really want to move unless we have to, so we should just suck it up for awhile? Unclear. We will see.

With all this talk of home. Place. Space. Us. I must give you my mother's recipe for Macaroni and Cheese. It is MEMORABLE. It is home.

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Sarah said...

You had Mac-a-Mom!? I am sure the story has been told about the Branson/Wallace Mac-a-Mama. Isn't life great? You could move to Japan. But I fear the commute might be tough and a bit spendy each day.