Friday, September 12, 2008

Rambling: Beignets for VP

...the temperature is rising

My beignets were too flat. uuug.

You voted, and I listened. Good practice round for the November election. Vote. Check. The list of dishes I should make was actually compiled with my roommate, Kara. Hence, the random nature of the choices. Some have suggested that the voting was rigged. Chicken Pad Thai was looking like the winner up until the very end--then one vote put beignets in the lead. ooo. They were the Michael Phelps of the food relay. Winner! woo woo. I have such an affinity for fried food. Good Lord, it's certainly different when you are frying it yourself. mmm. Vegetable oil.

Beignets are an indulgence above no other. Served hot, they leave you covered in powdery perfection. The last time I was in New Orleans I found myself at Cafe du Monde at 3 a.m.--with my long, black bridesmaid dress covered in powered sugar. Morning Call in Baton Rouge is also amazing. My oldest (and newly) engaged friend, Johanna, is getting married at St. Mary's in New Orleans on June 6, and she is having her reception at Pat O'Brian's on the river...I'm sure I will find myself eating late night beignets soon...

For now, they are a brunch item in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Honestly, I have no idea why the dough didn't rise more. Maybe the temperature of the oil had something to do with it? The recipe said to heat the oil to between 350-360 degrees, but I tried to move the thermometer on the pot, and instead it fell off and the top of the glass broke. I still haven't found the piece of glass. I can't be bothered to buy another candy thermometer, but it looks like I'm going to have to--that is, if I am going to continue to fry food. Why not?

David was worried I was going to burn myself with the oil, so he tried to convince me to wear my yellow kitchen gloves while I dropped the dough into the oil. Imagine that for a second. No gloves and burn free.

Sundays have kind of become our lazy day. This usually entails us watching episodes of LOST (Season 5 can't come soon enough, Jack I'll love you forever), eating, and well, not doing a whole lot. We are all caught up on LOST, and now we are watching The Wire. I'm still working on getting hooked...

Before I ate 1-2-3 (count em) beignets, David and I pre-burned the calories with a game of tennis (I know it doesn't work that way, but I'm rationalizing). Literally, you would think I had never done an active thing in my life. I was in pain all week.

Don't you just love brunch. I do. I really do.

ta-da. Serve with a deliciousness cafe au lait in an over sized mug.


Pauline said...

Okay, see my comment on the previous post, but YES!! Mine don't puff up either. I don't know what it is. I think it does have something to do with the oil. I didn't even have a thermometer, so I just guessed if the oil was hot enough. I have no idea. If you find out, then let me know!

Name's Keira. What up. said...

i still say the voting was rigged. so bummed about the chicken pad thai coming in 2nd. CPT is my FAVE.


Sarah said...

But they were tasty and powdery so all was well.... post-Christmas beignets: we will shop around town.

Courtney said...

im so glad you made them. they look so yummy. im jealous!

lindsey said...

I loved the "we" talk. Made me smile more than the beignets.