Sunday, April 6, 2008

Recipe: Ice Cream we all Scream

I spent this Saturday night on the couch eating mint chocolate chip ice cream, drinking red wine, and feeling completely sorry for myself. Newark airport and bad weather be damned. There is just so much anticipation when it comes to traveling. Brooklyn David would insert some sort of brilliant song quote here, but as my taste in music has been at times, questionable, I inevitably am coming up with nothing. Sunday Funday was at my apartment this past Sunday (as in past past--March 30) and Kara (roommate #1) cooked a deliciously memorable manicotti. Cheese, garlic, can never go wrong. Usual suspects for Sunday Funday include (but do not exclude) Carrie, Keaton, Stephanie, Brooklyn David, and Kara. Kara was pouring over her handwritten recipe, extremely focused when I came back from the A&P. I had spent the day with Brooklyn David. Around mid-afternoon, we stopped briefly in the city for a so-so raspberry danish, ran errands, and enjoyed the beginning of a much anticipated spring. On our way back to my apartment, I introduced him to life-changing cannolis at Carlos Bakery. I had to go to the grocery when we got back to Hoboken because I was making pie. God help me, it had to be a lattice pie. I had never made one, but my motivation was for the April 21 pie contest at work. Okay, so it didn't have to be a lattice crust, but aren't they so pretty? This just seems like the quintessential pie crust to me. There is a pool for the contest, and the prize is a Williams-Sonoma gift certificate. I must win, because I need a food processor. I have to have one. I need to make pesto and soon. We were all a little draggy this week, and I had even picked up a Betty Crocker instant pie crust kit just in case I got lazy. However, I knew using this crust would defeat the purpose, so I think I might just make cinnamon twists with it later. Kara and I worked around each other in the kitchen, while Brooklyn David read

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